About Cadlao

Our Story

Cadlao Resort & Restaurant is the creation of French-Filipino couple Jean-Brice and Ida Marie Traon. Jean Brice and Ida are passionate travelers and have stayed in France and Singapore to live and work. But their visits to El Nido, Palawan made them fall in love with the place and decided to have a change in lifestyles. They finally settled in El Nido, Palawan and set out to build a tropical haven of relaxation and recreation.

Within a year, they finished the construction of Cadlao Resort & Restaurant, opening in mid-December of 2011. Good word-of-mouth from their international clientele instantly made Cadlao Resort & Restaurant popular. The resort quickly became known for its classy yet homey island vibe, while the restaurant is sought even by guests from other El Nido’s resorts for its irresistible cuisine.

Cadlao Resort & Restaurant also adheres to Palawan’s commitment to sustainability. Jean Brice and Ida installed solar energy to reduce non-renewable energy usage. They use grey water for gardening, filtered through a natural reed-bed. They also use local materials for their furniture, and buy fresh produce from the local market.

Jean Brice and Ida continue to pour their love and hospitality to guests, with world-class service from their Palaweño staff.

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